Lagos State Electricity Board

Vision :

-To Maximize Power Supply through Independent power projects (I.P.P.) and improves public lighting for the citizens of Lagos state.

-To generate, transmit and distribute electricity to areas not covered by the national grid system within the state.


-To establish Independent power project (I.P.P.) across the state using a standardized and sustainable frame work for power.

-The use of best practices to design, execute and maintain improved public Lighting projects in Lagos.


The Lagos State Electricity Board (LSEB) was established by law No. 15 of 5th July 1980 of the state house of assembly gazette No. 53 vol. 13 of 24th July 1980 to perform several functions which include:

  • To establish in-state electric power stations.
  • To generate, transmit and, distribute electricity to areas not covered by the national grid system within Lagos.
  • To control and manage any electrical installation vested in the Board under the provision of this law.
  • To establish, control, manage, extend and, develop new electrical networks as well as develop or extend existing ones as the Board deems necessary for the purpose of accomplishing its mission.

The Lagos State Electricity Board (LSEB) is the implementing agency under the Lagos State Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources responsible for Energy development, Independent Power Projects and Public Lighting in Lagos State.

Lagos State Government (LASG) currently has the most aggressive energy development plan in Nigeria. It is the only state with a dedicated ministry for energy development (Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources) as well as an agency (Lagos State Electricity Board). Between 2011 and 2015, LSEB has successfully commissioned four power plants (Island, Alausa, Mainland and Peninsula Power) and one transformer factory. With the use of these IPPs LASG is also drastically improving public lighting and water facilities state-wide.

With the continued implementation of projects in line with its objectives, the Lagos State Electricity Board will greatly improve the quality of life of residents in Lagos State; vastly reduce crime levels and foster a conducive environment for economic growth, all through the constant supply of electricity.

LSEB’s strategic plans

LSEB’s strategic plans are to provide underserved commercial and industrial districts access to reliable power supply via the use of IPPs as well as, enhance public safety and security through the use of public lighting schemes. To efficiently accomplish these goals, LSEB is effectively making use of four (4) vehicles


Establishment of Independent Power Projects: LSEB has established multiple IPPs around the state using a sustainable and standardized framework for power supply. There are plans underway to develop additional IPPs. A keen effort is also being put into promoting energy and electricity awareness in the state.

Public Lighting Projects: LSEB has developed a framework for public lighting in Lagos state which includes best practices for operation and maintenance in existing and new installations. It is our objective to use this framework to execute public lighting projects using conventional and renewable energy sources.

  • Integration:LSEB’s integration plans include incorporating Independent Power Projects with public lighting schemes as well as, implementing innovative strategies to ensure cost effective public lighting projects. LSEB is also developing a comprehensive database for energy consumption and public lighting requirements.

Power Sector Reform: In the last decade LSEB has been an instrumental part of the Federal Governments power sector reform agenda, particularly as it relates to Eko and Ikeja distribution companies.